Queer Voices – a magazine by, for & about queer people

Queer Voices is a space for sharing personal stories among the local queer community in the Northern Netherlands. Many of those stories are easily lost, emerging only briefly in private conversations, group chats or speeches. Often enough, they go untold altogether, as we don’t deem them important or special enough to share. But our stories deserve to be heard. Our art deserves to be seen. We all have our own unique way of making sense of the world and our place within it. With this project, we try to facilitate a dialogue between people that might not usually meet, because exchanging insights can empower all of us.

Our very first magazine, “Queer Voices in Times of COVID-19”, is now available in our webshop. If you are interested in ordering a higher quantity of the magazine than we have in stock, please reach out to us, we’re happy to help!


What’s happening next:

We’re currently applying for funding to make more magazines and offer further workshops, and will update you on developments.

For more information on our activities, see our instagram or contact us via e-mail!

Where to find us:

instagram: queervoicesmagazine

e-mail: queervoicesmagazine@gmail.com