Queer Voices in Times of COVID-19

Ever since the first COVID-19 outbreak, the disease and the anti-pandemic measures have affected each of us in different ways. Our experiences have been shaped by our genders and sexualities as well as by our (mental) health, our relationships, our resources and living situations. At this point, most of us are exhausted, many frustrated. Considering all this, how can we shape our future as a community without simply moving on? How can we learn from each other and support each other through this global crisis?
These throughts have driven us throughout our work on Queer Voices in Time of COVID-19.

To begin healing together, we believe, we must shift our conversations, be honest with ourselves and vulnerable
with each other about what we need. As a community, we have been shaken by doubts, grief, loneliness and disillusionment, but we have also seen moments of solidarity, newfound intimacy and self-knowledge. For many of us, our relationship to queer spaces has fundamentally changed. In interviews, art and personal note, this magazine explores what the pandemic has been like for members of our community, and encourages you not only to reflect on your own experiences and needs, but also to have open conversations with the people around you.


Available as Print and PDF

 Queer Voices in times of COVID-19 was produced in spring 2022 and release on 29 May 2022, at Queer Pride Groningen. The magazine is now available in our shop. The digital version is (and will remain) available for free as a pdf:

Interview Partners & Artists

These are our six main contributors to “Queer Voices in Times of COVID-19”. If you want to support them directly, you can visit their social media and websites and learn more about them.
If contact details are not mentioned, it is because the person in question wished for them to remain private.


Anne | they/them
instagram: the.pinkcube
website: www.thepinkcube.nl

Ro | they/them

J | she/her


Zoë | she/her
instagram: zowieyoe

Debanjana | she/her
instagram: a_debanjana_paints
website: adebanjanapaints.wixsite.com

Celinda | they/them, pronoun indifferent
instagram: celinda.art.attack


This magazine could be produced in May 2022 thanks to Queer Pride Groningen and Stichting de Rose Jo(n)ker.