Queer Voices in Times of COVID-19 (budget)


Queer Voices in Times of COVID-19 is a full colour magazine of 48 pages, printed on high quality paper.

In interviews, art and personal notes from local queer folks, it explores different experiences with the COVID-19 pandemic and asks: How can we learn from each other in this ongoing crisis, and shape our future together without simply moving on?

Interview with Anne paired with art from Zoë
Interview with Ro paired with art from Debanjana
Interview with J paired with art from Celinda
Personal notes from local queer folks on their hardships and joys during the pandemic
Community takes on the meaning of “Queer”
Community recommendations for queer media

In order to make this project financially sustainable for us and accessible for you, we offer a ‘pay what you can’ model with three different price tiers. You can choose freely between:
2,00 € – the budget price, which (almost) covers the printing cost;
3,50 € – the regular price, which accounts for some of our work as well;
4,50 € – the solidarity price, which allows us to offer the budget option and supports us in working towards future editions.

Because of tech issues, our webshop currently lists each option as a distinct product, but there is no quality difference between those options. We also offer a free pdf-version that you can download here. This file is currently not formatted in an accessible way, but will be updated in that regard within the next week.

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