Do you like what we do & want to support Queer Voices?

One free and easy way to support this project is to spread the word among your friends and chosen family and help us promote Queer Voices in the local queer community!
We love seeing pictures of the magazine or our workwhops out in the world, and to hear your thoughts after reading or participating.
Don’t hesitate to send them to us via social media or e-mail, or tag us in your stories and posts about the magazine and workshops!

If you want to financially support this project and future Queer Voices editions or workshops, we’ve gathered some options below.
Every bit helps us to keep going with funding appliations, planning sessions, promotion and improving our overall set-up and processes.
As we say in the magazine: ‘Queer Voices is made with love, but love alone cannot sustain us’.

Magazine sales

While we offer free digital copies, buying a physical copy in our webshop directly supports Motte & Marieke’s continued work on this project. Do you have an organisation that might be interested in a bulk order of the magazine? Or do you have an event coming up, a store or a platform where you could support us by having copies of Queer Voices for sale? Contact us and we’ll work something out!

Tip jar

Researching funding options, looking for potential collaborators, planning new themes and workshop formats: We are already working on the next steps and possible future editions for Queer Voices.   If you want to support us during those in-between phases, we’ve set up a tip jar here.

If you want to support our contributors directly, you can find their public contact info on COVID-19 edition page.


We are currently developing workshops based on “Queer Voices in Times of COVID-19” to facilitate reflection and discussions on discuss queer identity, activisism and the impact of COVID-19 on the local queer community. We plan to develop further workshops in the spirit of this project in the future. Are you an event organiser and interested in hosting a workshop with us? Contact us and we’ll work something out!

Future funding

We are currently looking into possibilities for future editions of Queer Voices. For this, we will require the financial support of funds or non-profit organisations who wish to collaborate with us. If you’re involved with such an organisation and  interested in funding future editions, or a dutch translation of “Queer Voices in Times of COVID-19”, don’t hesitate to contact us!